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The organization distinguishes two-member groups


They are professional artists and cultural workers who deal with the implementation of the statutory goals of the organization and make decisions related to the management of the organization.

To become the main member, download the form and send your application to our address.

Benefits of becoming a member

1. Members take part in events organized by the NPoK: exhibitions, competitions, workshops, symposia, training.

2. Have a profile on the NPoK website.

3. They are covered by the promotion of artists, including in the NPoK social media

4. Have access to the NPoK database.

5. Receive a newsletter with useful information for artists and designers including open calls for competitions and exhibitions.

6. They are represented by the organization.


Anyone can be a supporting member, regardless of education, origin, or profession. They identify themselves as "art lovers" including art, craft, and design They can be advocating for art and promotors of culture through their membership in the NPOK.

To become a member, please contact us.

Benefits of becoming a member

1. Free participation in the specified events and activities organized or under the patronage of the NPoK

2. Discounts on the purchase of artistic works by Main Members

3. From 10% discount on workshops, concerts, and other activities organized or under the patronage of NPoK

4. Newsletter and individual invitations to events organized or under the patronage of NPoK

5. Free consultancy provided by a professional Principal Member.

All specified in the statute of NPoK

The membership fee  is 500 NOK

The membership fee will enable us to pay for and run the website 

We work Pro Bono for a better future of ARTS!

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