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10 Perspectives of NPoK

1. Local and international promotion of Polish and Norwegian culture.

2. Cooperation with artists, designers and cultural institutions.

3. International development of NPoK, open to people regardless of nationality and place of residence.

4. Presentation of artistic profiles of the members, on the organization's website and in the NPoK social media.

5. Raising public awareness of contemporary art, design and craftsmanship.

6. Participation in cyclical exhibitions organized by NPoK.

7. Exchange of professional experience during workshops, symposia, training courses organized or under the patronage of the NPoK.

8. Access to information on formal and legal matters, e.g. signing contracts, copyright, etc.

9. Acquisition and cooperation with sponsors, patrons ofart and culture .

10. “Fresh ideas emerge where everyone can contribute freely, in a barrier-free environment.”

Harvey Mackay

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